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Thursday, 2 November 2017

4G Technology In a Nutshell


Telecommunications standards are constantly evolving to feed the public hunger of getting more content delivered to their portable mobile devices in the shortest possible time. Gone are the days when PC, laptop, and mobile phone owners were satisfied with the download speeds of 3.6 to 7.2 Mbps, connecting to the 3rd generation of mobile telecommunications networking technology. Anywhere, anytime is the buzzword these days, with people demanding browsing experience akin to their work environment, albeit on a larger scale, and that too, integrated to their desktops and mobile devices. 

What is 4G?

Fourth Generation Mobile System or 4G, the successor of 3G, 2G, and 1G mobile technologies ably caters to this demand. It empowers users with “always on” secure broadband access to streamed multimedia, voice calls, and data on their smartphones, laptops, netbooks, and other devices at an unbelievable 100 Mbps speed which goes up to 1 Gbps when stationary! 4G has incredibly revolutionized the way people access internet by drastically lowering the cost of voice calls and bringing a huge leap in terms of download speed at relatively lesser bandwidth. 

4G - History of its Evolution

Why opt for 4G?

·         Faster internet access to both stationary and mobile users
·         Higher bit rates and bandwidths
·         VoLTE (Voice over LTE) along with 4G has considerably brought down the call and data prices, providing low cost-per-bit
·         Scalability and service portability
·         Interactive multimedia, video streaming, teleconferencing, VoIP, and wireless internet support
·         Enhanced gaming, chat, and location services
·         Efficient integration with cellular technologies
·         Mobility and service portability
·         Better scheduling and spectral efficiency
·         Interoperability with existing wireless standards
These are just a handful of benefits that 4G, a miracle in the field of communication technology offers. The features and applications of 4G are aplenty, and that’s the reason behind the popularity and worldwide acceptance of this spectrum.

Road Ahead

The plan is to create a secure and robust infrastructure model that allows smooth functioning of applications and devices interlinked with 4G, and scalable enough to successfully migrate to 5G when it rolls out in the year 2020.

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