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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hello world!

[caption id="attachment_64" align="alignleft" width="297"]A Big Friendly Hi to All of You :) A Big Friendly Hi to All of You :)[/caption]



A great welcome to Writer Commits, a platform through which a writer commits  to share her knowledge, learnings and random thoughts about life, people and places. It's a baby step towards something big,something more eventful and important in my life, which you will come to know, but, gradually.

With this blog I want to convey one message loud and clear, that learning ain't always boring, and can be fun, if  presented with all heart and soul. I personally believe that nothing is impossible in this world and we all have the power to make our own destiny if we desire so. All we need is a push, a strong determination to do what we actually want to do. We all have the power to create history and take control of our lives.

I know that all what I said is easier said than done, but trust me that it may be difficult but is not impossible. And I am the biggest example in front of you. I was happy sleeping on my vacation when I thought of making a better use of my time and see I am not doing a bad job.

I know what to do in my life but am not able to do all, as I know that I am a bit lazy. I always need motivation to ignite that fire in me which makes me do something worthy.

So here I answer the BIG QUESTION: WHY AM I HERE?

Well there are thousands of people around me who have the power to make remarkable difference in their lives, but need somebody who can constantly motivate them. This blog is my initiative to bring forward the thoughts and experiences that inspire me and encourage me to act differently, in a more positive way.

In this blog I will share the stories that make me smile, cry out loud, feel happy, but most importantly make me think. It will have small but important learnings.

Hope you will like it. I need your constant support in my endeavour.


Neha Agrawal.