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Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

happy new year 2018- agrawal-neha-blog
New year is the time to reflect upon the year gone by and plan for a fresh start. Take a leaf out of the wonderful Oscar speech by Mathew McConaughey to make 2018 count -

·         Something to Look Up to                 – being thankful always for the opportunity before you each day
·         Something to Look forward to          – your family who give you the courage and significance
·         Someone to Chase                          – “You” – ‘cos there is always room for improvement

Look forward to hearing from you and making 2018 special for you!

Love and Live,
Neha Agrawal Singhal

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

English Vinglish Haye Rabba

English Vinglish Haye Rabba - The Neha Agrawal Blog
Though born and brought up in humble India, we all consider ourselves as the first cousins of Americans. Our face beams with joy and chest fill with proud if we are able to speak fluent English. It seems to have become our primary language, where a person communicating in regional dialect is seen and considered dumb.

I have seen people making a sorry face and giving an agonizing look as soon as they hear that the person standing next to them doesn’t know English. “Arrey tumhe English nahi aati?” is the most innocent question people ask, as not knowing English is some crime.

I agree that English is no longer the third world language, and we all (including me) use it daily; but why impart it such a coveted status? And more importantly, why disgrace others who are not that familiar with it?

Most of us don’t know Mandarin, Greek, French or Spanish. We don’t consider ourselves stupid or ignorant about this fact but show attitude to non-English speakers. My problem is not with the English language, or its special status (It is earning me bread and butter), my problem is with the way we look at others who can’t speak, read or write this language.

The purpose of any language is to let people express their feelings, and communicate with each other. We need to respect the fact that a person is capable of expressing himself/herself, else everything should be secondary. One should not be shy to accept if he/she doesn’t know any particular language; and this will happen only when we start giving respect to people irrespective of their region, culture or language.

Many foreign languages including English have been derived from Sanskrit and Devnagiri, and we all should be proud of it. We should also take a lesson or two from China and Japan who prefer their national language over English, and are making others learn Mandarin and Japanese.

I get amazed by the fact that most of the people I have met in South India know 3-4 languages, excluding English. Trust me; it’s not less an achievement, as I can manage to speak and read only two. There is no age and limit to learning, and I strongly advocate that we should learn as many foreign languages as possible. However, we should also make it a point not to disown our mother tongue in the quest for any other language.

I have seen many instances of children speaking fluent English, but not knowing how to communicate in their native language. Language is a part of our identity and culture; showing it our back will not only harm community at large but also deprive our younger generations of their rich cultural heritage.

Let’s pledge that we won’t let our languages die a miserable death and pay the same respect to every individual irrespective of their color, religion, region, culture, and language.
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Live and love,
Neha Agrawal

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Today is the day to cheer for all the mistakes I have committed, as they taught me more than anything else in the world.

And a bigger cheer for my parents, teachers, and friends, who infused sense in me to realize my follies and emerge as a better person and writer (I would like to believe that I am progressing on that front)

Finally, the biggest cheer for my readers and clients, my biggest critics ever, who give me the much-needed reality check.

All of you are an important part of my existence, and I am truly grateful to have crossed paths with some of the most amazing and gifted souls who have enriched my life and writing in one way or the other.

Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Love and Live,
Neha Agrawal

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

What's Your Identity?

what is your identity - WriterCommitsThe world we are living in is changing. People are less tolerant and more vocal about their opinions than ever before, thanks to the easy access to technology. It’s very easy to voice thoughts on Facebook, and disagree with others in the name of freedom of speech, but when we do that, we forget that we are somehow intruding into somebody else’s freedom of speech!

There was a time when I used to voice my opinions and try to justify with people who disagreed. But, I have realized that it’s all very trivial. The bigger problem in doing so on a regular basis is that it soon becomes your identity!

Yes, it’s not just your name, caste, religion, ethnicity or skin color that forms your identity. Our thoughts and actions actually form a bigger part of who we are.

I am not against voicing opinions, but assuming that everyone would and should be on your side is na├»ve. The beauty of living in a society is accepting different views and finding a middle path. Don’t let your identity be pigeonholed by preconceived notions. You have the capability to grow much beyond and let your actions do the talking.

Live and Love,

Neha Agrawal

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Winners Never Quit. Really?

[caption id="attachment_140" align="alignleft" width="192"]Winners never quit Winners Quit, but they QUIT the WRONG STUFF at the RIGHT TIME![/caption]

I was fumbling through the pages, when I came across a headline, “Winners Don’t Quit”.

I was into this hibernation, where I had not posted anything on my blog for a long time, and if anyone asked me the reason, I had an excuse ready – “My hectic schedules are keeping me totally occupied, leaving me with no time to sleep, forget writing, life is tough, you know!!” And, trust me I used to say it with such a conviction that most of the people would fall for it.

And somehow, I had started believing in my own statement! I guess people rightly say that if you repeat a lie 99 times, at 100th instance you somehow start believing in it yourself!

So, this headline made me ponder.

Am I a LOSER? Am I more than busy than the busiest of the people in the world? Or am I being plain lazy? After all, I love writing, and how long can it take to write a few lines?

That’s when I determined that no matter what, I have to follow my passion, and shine above the cloud of laziness encircling my life. I decided to quit my laziness and become a winner again…

This thought made me realize something else as well. It’s not that winners never quit, they are humans and can fall at times. But, they know how and when to bounce back again by quitting the very reason that led to their fall.

Quit the very reason, person, or situation that is pushing you back and making you quit your dreams. Always remember, that nothing in the word is worth your dreams!


If someone says Winners Never Quit, they are LYING.

Winners Quit, but they QUIT the WRONG STUFF at the RIGHT TIME!

Love and live,

Neha Agrawal.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hello world!

[caption id="attachment_64" align="alignleft" width="297"]A Big Friendly Hi to All of You :) A Big Friendly Hi to All of You :)[/caption]



A great welcome to Writer Commits, a platform through which a writer commits  to share her knowledge, learnings and random thoughts about life, people and places. It's a baby step towards something big,something more eventful and important in my life, which you will come to know, but, gradually.

With this blog I want to convey one message loud and clear, that learning ain't always boring, and can be fun, if  presented with all heart and soul. I personally believe that nothing is impossible in this world and we all have the power to make our own destiny if we desire so. All we need is a push, a strong determination to do what we actually want to do. We all have the power to create history and take control of our lives.

I know that all what I said is easier said than done, but trust me that it may be difficult but is not impossible. And I am the biggest example in front of you. I was happy sleeping on my vacation when I thought of making a better use of my time and see I am not doing a bad job.

I know what to do in my life but am not able to do all, as I know that I am a bit lazy. I always need motivation to ignite that fire in me which makes me do something worthy.

So here I answer the BIG QUESTION: WHY AM I HERE?

Well there are thousands of people around me who have the power to make remarkable difference in their lives, but need somebody who can constantly motivate them. This blog is my initiative to bring forward the thoughts and experiences that inspire me and encourage me to act differently, in a more positive way.

In this blog I will share the stories that make me smile, cry out loud, feel happy, but most importantly make me think. It will have small but important learnings.

Hope you will like it. I need your constant support in my endeavour.


Neha Agrawal.