Monday, 8 June 2020

Start Small and Gain Big From Your Pilot Projects

Life is not a race, it's a marathon. Start small, but, keep striving, till you reach your goal. 
This rule not only works in life, but, also in marketing and analytics. 

Starting something new is risky, there are chances of failure, but, even more opportunities to learn from those setbacks.

Long-term plans don't work in today's volatile market. Take current post-Covid market, none of the pre-Covid 19 plans we made can work in the current scenario. Therefore, focus on short-term plans. Once you get enough data to analyze the outcome of your short-term plan, create another short-term milestone, and so in.    

Start your pilot project with the motive to learn and create short-term goals and milestones. You may fail at times, face many unknown unknowns, but, eventually your efforts will pay off. 

Love and Live,
Neha Agrawal


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