Sunday, 21 December 2014

Winners Never Quit. Really?

[caption id="attachment_140" align="alignleft" width="192"]Winners never quit Winners Quit, but they QUIT the WRONG STUFF at the RIGHT TIME![/caption]

I was fumbling through the pages, when I came across a headline, “Winners Don’t Quit”.

I was into this hibernation, where I had not posted anything on my blog for a long time, and if anyone asked me the reason, I had an excuse ready – “My hectic schedules are keeping me totally occupied, leaving me with no time to sleep, forget writing, life is tough, you know!!” And, trust me I used to say it with such a conviction that most of the people would fall for it.

And somehow, I had started believing in my own statement! I guess people rightly say that if you repeat a lie 99 times, at 100th instance you somehow start believing in it yourself!

So, this headline made me ponder.

Am I a LOSER? Am I more than busy than the busiest of the people in the world? Or am I being plain lazy? After all, I love writing, and how long can it take to write a few lines?

That’s when I determined that no matter what, I have to follow my passion, and shine above the cloud of laziness encircling my life. I decided to quit my laziness and become a winner again…

This thought made me realize something else as well. It’s not that winners never quit, they are humans and can fall at times. But, they know how and when to bounce back again by quitting the very reason that led to their fall.

Quit the very reason, person, or situation that is pushing you back and making you quit your dreams. Always remember, that nothing in the word is worth your dreams!


If someone says Winners Never Quit, they are LYING.

Winners Quit, but they QUIT the WRONG STUFF at the RIGHT TIME!

Love and live,

Neha Agrawal.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Dream! Dream Big! And Believe in Angels!

Believe in angels

I believe in angels, I truly do, and I always have…

Else how is it possible that your dreams suddenly turn into a reality, without you even blinking an eye for it?

Angels move their magic wand, and change your life in a moment. For me, any person who does a good deed is an angel, and I feel blessed to have quite a few angels in my life…

One such angel in my life is Sona… I met her at my job in Delhi… After completing MCA, I had worked as a software engineer in Jaipur for some time, and was now working as a networking expert in Delhi, but somehow in my heart I always wanted to be a writer, who would need just a pen and a piece of paper to feel happy. Though, I must admit that my laptop has filled that space now!

I was looking for a job change, and so was she. But, I had given up, as every other company wanted me to keep writing codes and fixing their networks, and I had succumbed to my fate. Till one fine day, when she told about a job opening for a content writer in Noida, and commanded me to pack my bags, and go with her for an interview!

I was excited and nervous at the same time. I had an excellent opportunity ahead, one that I was dreaming of for a long time, but I was not sure whether to give it a shot or not… I was scared as hell. What if I don’t make it, after all, it was my long cherished dream, and one failed interview would shatter it in no time.

But, Sona’s words gave me strength, “What if we don’t make it? Anyways, we are not doing anything that we love right now; let’s give a shot to something that we really want to do.” Needless to say, we went, cracked the interview, and got the offer letter, the same day (We are genius, and I knew it!). The salary was much less compared to what I was getting, but I jumped at the offer, as nothing materialistic could stop me from pursuing my dreams, thankfully my family supported me in my cost cutting decision. Pun intended!

Sona, I wanted to write this since 2009, and now, after almost 5 years, here I am… I always wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, as if it were not you, I would still be doing a job that I was not interested in, and would have never got the courage to follow my heart. You are an angel who changed the course of my life, and I can’t thank you enough.

I believe that I became successful the day Sona pushed me for that job interview, and I discovered the joy of writing. I haven’t looked back ever since. I am not successful because I have (or don’t have) money, these things don’t count anyway. I feel satisfied, as I get a great pleasure penning down my thoughts, hoping it would encourage someone else to pursue his/her dreams, and make big in life.

My angel changed my life, and now I want to become that angel for someone! Look for signs; recognize good people when they walk into your life, as you never know; your angel might be round the corner!

But, don’t just wait for others or luck to do you a favor. Make your good deeds count, help others, look for inspiration and inspire a few, read good books and preach a little.

Share a little, care a little, this is all what it takes to make life better.  Believe in angels, and become one too!

Love and live,

Neha Agrawal.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Writing lessons from the Indian Festival of Colors


Writercommits - Writing lessons from the Indian Festival of ColorsAs soon as we hear the word “festival”, our heart gets filled with joy and profound happiness, as festivals signify celebration and family time. Festivals give us the much-needed break from our monotonous hectic schedules and mundane tasks, and allow us to be with our near and dear ones, and do the things we love to do, or are rather longing to do.

There is a popular Indian festival of colors, called HOLI, which is celebrated every year around February or March with great fervor. It’s quite similar to the Spain’s “La Tomatina Festival”, with the difference that it’s played using organic / artificial colors in India, rather than tomatoes!

We can learn a lesson or two from everything in life, and Holi is one such festival that not only spreads happiness but can also help us become a better writer.

5 Things to Learn from Holi:

1. Embrace unity - Holi soaks everyone in the colors of life; be it children or adults, and unites people irrespective of their caste, creed or financial status. Write a content that is universal in appeal and unites people, rather than creating boundaries or anguish among communities (stay clear of cultural stereotypes while writing).

2. Use all possible colors – Imagine wearing one color all your life! Life becomes boring if it is monotonous, and so does writing. Add different colors to your writing by displaying different emotions in the written word. Be informative, add suspense, sprinkle a touch of humor, preach a little, and be silly sometimes.

3. Organic is the way to go – Artificial colors ruin your skin, and that’s what plagiarized content does to your reputation. Be organic in your thoughts, though you can seek inspiration for writing.

4. Be unpredictable – The charm of holi lies in its unpredictability. You never know when someone is going to splash color on your face, throw water or give you an impromptu hug. Similarly in writing, you started losing it the moment your readers start making predictions about your next topic. Surprise your readers, and offer them content they were not expecting out of you.

5. Have Fun – Last but not the least, have fun while writing just like you enjoy celebrating festivals. Don’t write just because you have to, but because you love doing it, and you will end up creating your best work!

Happy writing,

Neha Agrawal.