Thursday, 31 January 2013

Keep Your Writing Simple

Writercommits-keep your writing simple

I like reading works of accomplished writers, but what makes me really happy are the stories meant for kids! I am not kidding, that’s true…

I guess it’s the simplicity of these short stories that hook me and make me happy. We all know difficult words and jargons, and keep on reading them every now and then; but sometimes it’s great to send your grey cells on a short vacation and enjoy free flowing content. It’s like relishing your favorite Ice Cream Sundae when everyone else thinks you are on a diet!

The basic idea of writing is ‘sharing thoughts’; and if usage of heavy-duty words make your laborious piece of writing incomprehensive, what’s the point in taking so much pain?

If you want to make your writing strike a chord among your readers; KEEP IT SWEET AND SIMPLE!

Don’t confuse your readers with multiple plots, rapped slangs, oxymoron and abbreviation; transform your ideas into simple plots and present them in the form of a simple yet captivating story.

We all want an easy life, hassle free work environment, easy money, and simple & sweet friends. Don’t we? Isn’t it the simplicity that all of us want in our lives? Then why should your writing be all complicated?

KISS principle not only applies to designing, it finds coherence in all walks of life, and the same is true for writing as well. So, let your words flow straight from your heart, like an uninhibited spring from the mountains; I guarantee you will be astonished by the impact it creates.

Words and people are best appreciated when they are simple!

Live and love,

Neha Agrawal.


  1. Writing for children is actually a lot harder than many people realize. I like this post because we really need people to continue to write for our children so they have tons of good resources to grow up with. The only problem I have personally is getting over being tired/lazy and actually reading to my young daughters. Thanks for the visit!

  2. Thanks for liking the post. you are right, writing for children is easier said than done. I like your blog for being true and different. Happy blogging!

  3. Thank you for the kind response. I look forward to more posts from your blog as well.

  4. This is my biggest problem and often the cause of my writer's block, I think. I just go way over-complicated with my writing. Gotta tattoo it somewhere: KISS!

  5. Ya, it's easy being difficult, but difficult being simple. I am sure it will help you get rid off writer's block.

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